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Key Health Benefits

Periodic Spa Escape relaxation sessions – from a seated massage as short as a 15-minute coffee break to as long as a Staff Appreciation Day event – can:

  • Relieve tension and stress which sometimes cause headaches
  • Increase attention and concentration
  • Stimulate brain activity leading to enhanced productivity
  • Increase a feeling of well-being
  • Diminish absenteeism
  • Preserve good inter-personal relationships
  • Diminish the feeling of “I’ve got the (work) blues”

Results: Positive and more productive work environment!

How do Company Spa Services Work?

It’s simple.

  • You choose the type/s of service best suited for your staff, whether on a bi-monthly, monthly or specific occasion basis.
  • We agree on the day and time that best suit you at your location. From a pre-determined schedule, we are at your disposal to schedule sufficient therapists to meet your demand and to be efficient with the time allotted.
  • You provide us with a calm location, for example, an empty office or a small meeting room.
  • We incorporate some colours, suitable, relaxing music and pleasant scents to set the tone of tranquillity.
  • We guarantee that your staff will return fully recharged, fatigue and stress washed away, with a stimulated mind ready to continue their day.


Do contact us to customize your package or for more details.

Here are some examples of treatments that could be included:

  • Seated massage – 15-30′
  • Back massage – 15-30′
  • Express spa facial, head/neck/shoulder massage – 45′
  • Hair/scalp conditioning, head/neck/shoulder massage – 45′
  • Hand scrub, mask, hand massage – 20-30′
  • Foot scrub, mask, foot massage – 25-40′