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Hand & Foot Care

Our hands and feet are constantly on the move, working for us so we need to be good to them. A hand and foot treatment are always recommended whether it’s an at home soak and scrub at the end of a busy work day or a VIP Spa Treatment being done by an expert.

With your wellbeing in mind, our goal is to clean, treat and protect your hands and feet. The entire experience including our signature hand and foot massage will make you think you have just died and gone to heaven! Nail varnish for the ladies, of course!

VIP Spa Manicure
We have prepared a scented oil hand soak, arm and hand scrub, nail and cuticle treatment. A soothing and relaxing arm-and-hand massage is followed. Close your eyes and enjoy the stress-relieving feel of a neck and shoulder wrap as it augments the feeling of relaxation. Choose a warm paraffin treatment to finish off this experience. Optional nail varnish.

VIP Spa Pedicure
A refreshing foot soak, leg and foot scrub, nail and cuticle treatment.What follows is our signature lower leg and foot massage. A feeling of relaxation and calm brought on by a warm neck and shoulder wrap accentuates this treatment. Varnish optional.

Medical Pedicure.

Includes all of the above with special attention paid to ingrown or ill-shaped nails, calloused feet and heels, corns etc.


We offer a variety of hand and foot care services

  • VIP Manicure
  • VIP Pedicure
  • Manicure Semi-Permanent Varnish
  • Pedicure Semi-Permanent Varnish
  • Medical Pedicure
  • Hand or Foot Paraffin Treatment

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