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Treatments for Men

We have a variety of services suited to Men

Facial – Phyt’s Men Skin Repair

This is an ideal treatment for asphyxiated and dull skin tones caused by environmental factors, lifestyle choices, fatigue or stressful situations. The results: cleansed, oxygenated, refined and smooth skin. What’s more, this adds a few precious moments of relaxation to the gentleman’s otherwise busy life.

Power Massage

Using a lightly scented massage oil, your therapist will find the right mixture of acupressure and relaxation techniques for this massage uniquely tailored to the needs of your fatigued or stressed muscles. This is also a wonderful way to calm the often overworked mind of its daily tendencies.


Reflexology goes back to the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese who used it to stimulate the entire system of the human body. With this touch therapy of the feet (plantar) on the reflex zones representing the systems and organs of the body, toxins are released and the body starts to heal itself. Aches and pain seem to melt away. Harmony and equilibrium returns to the whole body.

De-Stress Body & Mind

A one hour relaxing massage with soothing essential oils specifically chosen to leave the world behind and focus on bringing harmony to the body and mind. A hydrating facial mask and an acupressure face and scalp massage to stimulate oxygen flow is the menu for the day.

Fatigue & Pain Release

A relaxing massage of the neck, shoulders, back and legs. Reflexology to the hands and feet, and a scalp conditioning treatment finish this ritual.

Hair and Scalp Conditioning

An invigorating hair and scalp massage using a blend of organic/bio essential oils and a stimulating hair mask. This is a wonderful and natural method to get rid of a massive headache, cranial, neck or shoulder tension.

Men’s Nail Grooming – Hands

Your hands and nails say a lot about you. No matter what profession you are engaged in, properly groomed hands and nails are important. We have prepared the ideal treatment for you. An exfoliating hand scrub, clipped and trimmed nails and cuticle treatment finished with a power arm and hand massage to revitalize the nails, skin and fatigued arm muscles.

Men’s Nail Grooming – Feet

Imagine the weight of your body that your feet carry every day. Imagine the kilometres that you walk in a lifetime. What better way to say thank you to your feet and to alleviate or treat foot problems than by giving them the grooming they deserve? We have prepared a peppermint foot-soak and scrub, nail and cuticle clip and trim followed by an invigorating lower leg and foot massage to relieve tension, get rid of toxins and stimulate oxygenated blood flow. You’ll be “walking on cloud 9” after this treatment.

Medical Pedicure

As above but special attention is paid to problem feet caused by ingrown and ill-shaped nails, calousity of feet and heels, corns etc.

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Go from dull to radiant in 1 hour. This treatment exclusively for the man. Turn your asphyxiated and dull skin tones conditioned by environmental factors lifestyle choices and stress into a healthy looking glow that makes you feel good.
Phyt’s is a high-end organic line of skincare products fabricated to leave a healthy visible difference even after the first application.
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