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Waxing / Epilation

Using the most industry-updated techniques in waxing for men and women , and the most innovated products designed for your skin type-from the most sensitive to the very strong, you are assured an excellent treatment every time.

Our expertise in men’s and women’s hair removal, from top to bottom (pun intended) leaves you with smooth, fresh and clean skin that will appear to look younger and less dry.

For your intimate waxing needs, look no further, we are here to serve you.

To avoid getting into sticky situations (another pun), our waxing services are currently done in our salon location. Of course exceptional circumstances arise and therefore do not apply. In those cases, we will gladly accommodate you at home.

We offer a variety of epilation / waxing services for men and women

  • Shoulders, Back, Lower Back (Gents)
  • Intimate Waxing (Ladies & Gents)
  • Under Arms, Arms, Legs (Ladies)
  • Upper Lip, Chin (Ladies)
  • Brows (Ladies & Gents)

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